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Sweet Ghost Pepper Candied (Caramel) Popcorn

Sweet Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper Candied Popcorn

We've been developing and defining the recipe for this sweet-heat snack for a year and a half. Starting out as a spicy caramel popcorn recipe, made at home just for us, we shared it with some friends and everyone told us that they had never had anything like it and that we just had to make it commercially to sell (or give up the recipe to them).

So after a lot of hard work, refining the recipe, learning a lot about candy making, and searching all over for someone to help us produce this fiery sweet snack, we finally have a product that we really feel is something everyone will love.

Initially we are coming to market with 2 heat levels Habanero (XXX-Hot) and Jolokia Ghost Pepper (X-Treme Heat) for the serious chile heads out there. Also now available is a milder heat version that we call Sweet Chile Popcorn.

This addicting sweet snack really has a kick. The sweetness of the caramel hides the fire to start, but then the Ghost Pepper comes around and kicks!

A butterless caramel makes this a vegan friendly snack!

No artificial flavors. No artificial colors. No high fructose corn syrup. Made in a nut free facility.


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