Sweet Chile Candied (Caramel) Popcorn

Sweet Chile Candied Popcorn

After several months with great popularity of our Sweet Habanero and Sweet Ghost Pepper Popcorns, we have developed a sweet-heat snack that is not as fiery hot as those other versions.

We have gotten many requests for a not so hot version of the fiery popcorns and we have listened to our loyal customers. Early testing of this recipe had people telling us that they "can't put it down" and from a non-chilehead, "Now that's some good firey popcorn. Hot enough that it made me sweat a bit yet not so hot that I didn't want more. I'm on my third dose & that's a first."

With a good balance of sweet and heat, this crunchy snack is totally addicting and just one handful isn't enough. Before you know it, the bag will be empty and you'll be reaching to open another.

A butterless caramel makes this a vegan friendly snack!

No artificial flavors. No artificial colors. No high fructose corn syrup. Made in a nut free facility.


2nd Place 2011 Scovie Award Winner!

2011 Scive Award Winner - 2nd Place


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