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Sweet Chile Candied Popcorn
Sweet Chile Candied Popcorn - Mild - After several months of great popularity of our Sweet Habanero and Sweet Ghost Pepper Popcorns, we have developed a sweet-heat snack that is not as fiery hot as those other versions... (read more)
Sweet Habanero Candied Popcorn
Sweet Habanero Candied Popcorn - XXX-Hot - We've been developing and defining the recipe for this sweet-heat snack for a year and a half... (read more)
Sweet Ghost Pepper Candied Popcorn
Sweet Ghost Pepper Candied Popcorn - Xtreme Heat - After mastering the making of the Habanero Candied Popcorn above, the natural next recipe would use the Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper... (read more)


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